Lower Front Abdominal Pain

What Causes Lower Front Abdominal Pain?

Lower front abdominal pain can have various causes, just like most other symptoms.  Finding the true cause means ruling out or confirming each possibility – in other words, diagnosis.

Diagnosis is usually a complex process due to the sheer number of possible causes and related symptoms.  In order to diagnose lower front abdominal pain, we could:
  • Research the topic
  • Find a doctor with the time
  • Use a diagnostic computer system.
The process is the same, whichever method is used.

Step 1: List all Possible Causes

We begin by identifying the disease conditions which have "lower front abdominal pain" as a symptom.  For example, kidney stones.

Step 2: Build a Symptom Checklist

We then identify all possible symptoms and risk factors of each possible cause, and check the ones that apply:
short-term low-carb dieting
chronic night sweats
weak urine stream
blood in urine
constant slight bloating
mild unexplained fevers
insufficient water consumption
slightly painful urination
recent night sweats
kidney stones in family members
history of kidney stones
much vitamin D supplementation
... and so on

Step 3: Rule Out or Confirm each Possible Cause

A differential diagnosis of your symptoms and risk factors finds the likely cause of lower front abdominal pain.

Arriving at a Correct Diagnosis

The Analyst™ is our online diagnosis tool that learns all about you through a straightforward process of multi-level questioning, providing diagnosis at the end.

If you indicate abdominal pain, The Analyst™ will ask further questions including this one:
Do you have pain in the lower front of your abdomen, at the top of your pubic area?
Possible responses:
→ No / don't know
→ Occasional slight/moderate discomfort
→ Frequent or continuous moderate discomfort/pain
→ Occasional severe pain
→ Frequent or continuous severe pain
Based on your response to this question, which may indicate lower front abdominal discomfort, serious lower front abdominal pain or severe lower front abdominal pain, The Analyst™ will consider possibilities such as Kidney Stones (Urolithiasis). Kidney stones are characterized by (often extreme) pain at the site where the stone is causing irritation i.e.  back and sides of the abdomen, lower front of the abdomen and groin area.