Nail Bed

Definition of Nail Bed:

The area of modified epidermis beneath the nail over which the nail slides as it grows.  This is what gives fingernails and toenails their pink color.

Also: Nail Beds, Nailbed, Nailbeds

Topics Related to Nail Bed

Bone Marrow Suppression

...the condition
“...Reduced red blood cells produce classic anemia symptoms ... pale skin, lips, and nail beds...”

Hypoalbuminemia (A low albumin level)

...our question about White areas on your fingernails
“Muehrcke's Lines (side-to-side parallel white lines that do not move with nail growth) are caused by a nail bed abnormality, which in turn is probably due to hypoalbuminemia...”
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More topics Related to Nail Bed


...our question about Brittle fingernails
“Thyroid diseases may produce brittle nails or splitting of the nail bed from the nail plate...”


...the condition
“...It can be located ... Separation of distal edge of nail from nail bed...”

Zinc Requirement

...our question about White spots on your fingernails
“Spots on the nails indicate injury to the nail bed that was not repaired successfully by the body...”
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