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On this page you can upgrade your Standard Doctor Review to a Full Doctor Review.


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Available Upgrade

The Full Doctor Review allows the doctor 30-40 minutes to review your case.  It is recommended if you have submitted a significant number of notes, questions or attachments.

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Full Doctor Review

Our top level of service: Computer analysis with in-depth doctor review.  Your Full Doctor Review includes the Computer Analysis:

  • your state of health revealed in detailed, easy-to-understand format
  • diagnosed conditions and risks identified, explained and prioritized
  • a "big picture" graphical summary of your current health
  • prioritized recommendations providing a clear path forward
  • lab testing, treatment and prevention suggestions
  • advance warning of conditions to prevent or catch early
  • all findings and suggestions evidenced and referenced

... as well as:

  • in-depth written review by named, licensed, contactable doctor
  • your choice of male or female doctor; MD, ND or DC
  • submitted notes, lab test results and photos examined
  • your specific questions and concerns addressed at length
  • 30-40 minutes of personal attention to your case by the doctor
  • delivery by email within 4 business days (usually 1-2 days)
  • follow-up questions answered at no additional charge

Recommended for: Those with several questions or complex issues requiring a doctor's insight; anyone seeking a second opinion.

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