Manage Your Privacy

Our system does not recognize you...

This website does not have any identifying information (name, date of birth, gender, email) about you because either:

  • you have not yet submitted it on this website
  • you are now using a different device or browser
  • you have cleared your browser's cookies
  • you have already asked us to delete what we store about you

In order to handle your requests for revoking consent, removing your data, not using your data, or sending a copy of your data, we need to identify you within our system.

How to identify yourself

You can either:
  1. (Re-)enter your details

  2. Send an email to Our email address using the email address that we have on file.  In this message, tell us what you would like us to do (revoke all consent given, delete all your data, update your data, stop processing your data, and/or send a copy of your data).  Please also include your 7-digit reference number if you have one.

If you don't want to identify yourself...

In this case, you can either:

  1. Delete all cookies stored by our website on the device that you are using now

  2. Click here to continue with what you were doing

Why do we need to identify you?

We only need to identify you if you would like to control, delete, amend or download the data that we hold about you in our database.

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