Vitamin Paba

Vitamin Paba: Overview

Alternative Names: p-Aminobenzoic Acid.

PABA is an antioxidant nutrient that inhibits the formation of the damaging free radicals (unbonded oxygen molecules that cause aging and degeneration).  PABA is considered to be one of the B-complex vitamins.


This compound is widely distributed in nature and is found especially in brewer's and bakers yeast.

Why it is Recommended

PABA has been used in various cremes to prevent sunburn.


The US RDA has not been established for PABA.  PABA is listed in the U.S.P.

Since unwanted side-effects (including skin rash and fever) are possible at higher quantities, it is best to work with PABA along with a health care professional skilled and knowledgeable in nutritional therapy.

Vitamin Paba

Information On This Page

Vitamin Paba can help with the following:


Vitamin Paba often helps with VitiligoVitiligo
PABA can help in vitiligo repigmentation.  Depending on the severity of the problem, recommended dosage varies between 500 and 2000mg, three times daily.


Vitamin Paba may help with Low Adrenal Function / Adrenal InsufficiencyLow Adrenal Function / Adrenal Insufficiency
PABA potentiates the hormone cortisol.  When cortisol is being supplemented, the dosage of PABA may need to be reduced.


Vitamin Paba often helps with Female InfertilityFemale Infertility
Para-aminobenzoic acid (PABA) stimulates the pituitary gland and sometimes restores fertility to some women who cannot conceive.
Vitamin Paba often helps with Perimenopausal IssuesPerimenopausal Issues
PABA helps potentiate hormones, especially in women moving toward menopause.
Vitamin Paba may help with Peyronies DiseasePeyronie's Disease
PABA has been suggested for diseases in which abnormal fibrous tissue is involved, such as Peyronie's disease.  However, no double-blind studies have been performed.  [Tech Urol 3: pp.135-9, 1997]


Vitamin Paba often helps with Body OdorBody Odor
See the link between Body Odor and Vitamin B-Complex.


May be useful: may help with
May be useful:
may help with
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Moderately useful:
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