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Sinus Swabs / Nose Drops: Overview

Historically, the Sinus Swab has been inserted once into each nostril for 6 minutes.  Mild silver protein (MSP) powder is more difficult to come by now and other silver preparations, even when made with MSP are very much weaker than the formula described below.  Since the most concentrated OTC MSP solutions available today contain 400ppm silver, these may be used in the nostrils as drops, with or without the eucalyptus oil, in an attempt to replicate the Sinus Swab procedure below.  The Eucalyptus may cause irritation and congestion for a day or so.  It may be best, due to these difficulties, to skip the first part of this treatment or use liquid MSP (400ppm) alone as a one time substitute treatment.  This, if done, would be followed by the consistent use of the second part, the "Formula for Sinus Nose Drops".

Formula for Sinus Swabs

  1. Mild silver protein powder (argenal powder), 12 grams
  2. Eucalyptol oil, 4ml
  3. Water and glycerine in 50/50 mixture bringing the total volume to 120ml.
Formula for Sinus Nose Drops
  1. 60% Aloe vera concentrated whole leaf juice
  2. 40% DMSO, 99.9% pure from any pharmacy / farm supply
  3. Use 3 to 4 drops in each nostril tid – qid.  Put the drops in one nostril, waiting a few seconds for the slight sting to pass.  Then put the drops in the other nostril.

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Sinus Swabs / Nose Drops may help with Sinusitis Sinusitis

This treatment has helped many people treat a chronic sinus infection and takes about 6 weeks of self-application.


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