Nut and Seed Consumption

Nut and Seed Consumption: Overview

Nuts, in general, are the richest source of natural vitamin E and also have many fatty acids that are of benefit in a wide variety of conditions.  While nuts contain fat and thus more calories than some other foods, there have not been any studies showing weight gain to result from the additional calories derived from eating nuts.

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Why it is Recommended

Raw nut and seed consumption supports general health and benefits the circulatory system.

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Nut And Seed Consumption:

Nut and Seed Consumption can help with the following:



A Seventh Day Adventist study that was reported at the 2002 International Congress on Vegetarian Nutrition found those that ate a serving of nuts 5 times per week had half the cardiac mortality.

Lab Values

High Total Cholesterol

So-called "good fats" that come from raw nuts and seeds are an important part of protecting the cardiovascular system.  Pecans, for example, will lower total cholesterol, triglycerides, apolipoprotein B and lipoprotein(a).  [A Monounsaturated Fatty Acid Rich Pecan Enriched Diet Favorably Alters the Serum Lipid Profile of HealthyMen and Women, Jnu 2001;131: pp.2275-2279]

Whole almonds or almond oil (replacing half of the habitual fat intake) reduced plasma triglyceride, total and LDL-cholesterol concentrations, and increased HDL-cholesterol levels in a trial of 22 men and women with normal lipid levels.  [J Nutr 2002;132(4): pp.703-707]


Problems Caused By Being Overweight

Despite their caloric density, a 2003 review of all the research on the matter concluded eating nuts every day might actually help one maintain or even lose weight.  [American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 78 (2003): p.647s]

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Nut and Seed Consumption can help prevent the following:

Organ Health

Diabetes Type II

A recent analysis of the well-known Harvard nurses study indicated that increased nut and seed consumption is an effective way to prevent type II diabetes.

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