Hydrocortisone: Overview

Alternative Names: Cortisol, Cortef™.

Hydrocortisone is a prescription drug.  It is, however, the identical hormone to one of the naturally occurring compounds secreted by the adrenal gland cortex (outside layer) in response to stress or low blood sugar.  The correct and safe use of low dose cortisol requires a doctor familiar with its administration.

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References & Further Information

The best published source of information is the book, The Safe Uses of Cortisol by William McJeffries, MD.  This paper-back book is more expensive than expected, and harder than average to find.  If you cannot find a doctor to work with you, it would be better to buy the book rather than give up on the idea of a hydrocortisone trial if it is strongly indicated.

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Hydrocortisone can help with the following:


Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is both an autoimmune disorder and sensitive to stress.  Using hydrocortisol to reduce inflammation followed by physiologic replacement doses when indicated is a reasonable supportive therapeutic strategy.


Not recommended for

Never apply a topical steroid like cortisone to rosacea unless directed to do so by your doctor for a specific reason.  Cortisone treatments can worsen rosacea over the long term and make it even more resistant to treatment.

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