View A Sample Report

Apart from a different patient's name, the sample report that you will see is a copy of a real report that was sent to one of our clients.

Sample report in HTML format

The HTML-format report is the same as a web page, and can be opened using any browser on any computer, tablet or phone.  It will generally be 200-600KB in size, depending on the state of your health.  You will be able to read it without being connected to the Internet: your report does not make use of any images or other external files.

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ZIP compression and encryption

An HTML report can be sent to you in compressed (".zip") format.  Not only will the file be a quarter of the size of an uncompressed report – about 50-150KB – but you will also be able to specify a password so that only you can read your report. You may need to have WinZip®, WinRAR, or a similar program installed on your computer/device in order to read it.

Sample report in Adobe® PDF format

The Adobe® PDF format is very popular but only recommended if you are using a computer.  This format allows you to specify a password so that only you can read your report.  The PDF report is larger – 400KB to 2MB depending on the state of your health.  You will need to have Adobe® Acrobat Reader™ (free) installed on your computer.

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Receiving your own report

The sample report that you can view at the links above is based on another person's data.  Our extensive drill-down multiple-choice questionnaire gathers all the data that is needed to produce your report.

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HTML or PDF format?

We can send your report in either HTML (web page) or PDF format.  You can always change your mind after you have received your report and ask for it in the other format.

Printing your report

Although your report can be printed, we recommend reading it on your computer to take advantage of the easy navigation provided by hundreds of hyperlinks.