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San Antonio, Texas

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Doctors in or near San Antonio, Texas

Dr. Chriselda A. BeltranND

5043 Hacienda
San Antonio, TX 78233
Phone: (602) 750-6106
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Dr. Beth CarpenterND

P.O. Box 3107
Austin, TX 78764
Web Site:

I am a traditional naturopathic doctor and medical intuitive.  I have practiced alternative therapies for over 20 years with over 14 years in Austin, Texas.  During a 10-year cancer challenge, I experienced a shaman's death; this permitted me access to a unique combination of knowledge and skills.

I've had a chance to speak internationally and author an inspirational book on how to move through a cancer experience, returning to a state of health.  With a degree in Legal Administration and a Doctorate of Naturopathy, I left the legal field to devote my life to helping people understand a more complete approach to healing.

Beth Carpenter uses her multi sentient abilities to help you unlock and release root patterns that are limiting.  Her mission statement is to bring hope, encouragement and faith into her readers' and clients' lives.

Working with Beth can help you improve relationships, open to more opportunities, develop career satisfaction, and create a better understanding of yourself.

Dr. Jeannie DavisNDPhD

11107 Wurzbach #701 G
San Antonio, Texas 78230
Phone: (210) 691-2207 Fax: (210) 691-2199
Web Site:

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