Licensed Holistic Doctors in/near
Nashville, Tennessee

Doctors in or near Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. Dainia BaughMD

The Holistic Growth Center
211 22nd Ave. North
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 340-3430

We are an integrative wellness center that blends conventional medicine with holistic and complementary medicine.  We specialize in health and prevention of disease as well as integrative management of disease.  We offer vitamin therapy, bio-identical hormones, nutritional medicine and disease specific diets, weight management, male menopause or andropuase, emotional discontent, pain management and anti-aging.

Dr. Brent W DavisDC

550 Rosedale Ave
Nashville, TN 37211
Web Site:

More doctors in or near Nashville, Tennessee

Dr. J. David ForbesHolistic MDABHM

Nashville Integrated Medicine
2931 Berry Hill Dr. Ste 100
Nashville, TN 37204
Phone: Tel: (615) 385-7001, Fax: (615) 385-7767
Web Site:

At Nashville Integrated Medicine, we use the most gentle and natural approaches to healing, incorporating mainstream treatments whenever necessary.  Wellness is best achieved through a holistic approach – reducing stress, bringing compassion to our places of dis-ease, and cultivating both internal connections and communal support.  We are committed to helping you find the tools to bring more joy, physical health, and emotional and spiritual well being into your life.

Dr. Eric PotterMD

Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting
Kingsport, TN 37664
Phone: (423) 963-5982 (Kingsport/J. City) & (615) 714-0002 (Nashville)

MD, Internal Medicine, Holistic Medicine
Fax: 615-301-4063

Serving: Kingsport, Johnson City, Nashville

Wholistic healthcare for the glory of God.  Bringing personalized Biblically wholistic health care to Northeast and Middle Tennessee through old fashioned house calls and direct pay care.  Offering consultations as a medical guide and a medical detective.  Prescribes bio-identical hormones, natural remedies, and conventional therapies in light of Biblical wisdom while avoiding spiritual unsound practices.

Dr. Stephen L. ReismanHolistic MD

Mind-Body Medical Center
1201 Villa Place - Suite 202
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
Phone: (615) 320-1175 Fax: (615) 320-1174
Web Site:

After graduating from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1981, I worked in mainstream medical settings for ten years, while studying alternative and mind-body medicine, making progress in my own healing, and gradually becoming clear on a professional direction.  In private practice since 1991, I have been enjoying the freedom to spend quality time with my patients, offering them education and guidance amidst their many options in the healing arts.  I am blessed with a staff that is pure heart.  The progress our patients make may be attributed to any number of factors: the support they receive from our staff, the personal work they do with me in a private setting, and diagnostic or treatment options previously unknown to them.

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