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Toni KrehelAP

Beaches Acu-Medical Center
4745 Sutton Park Court, Suite 503
Jacksonville, FL 32224
Phone: (904) 821-9535
Web Site:

Acupuncture Physician
Chinese Medicine (Herbology)
Bio-Energetic Medicine

Scope of Practice:
Toni Krehel is a licensed acupuncture physician (FL #00812) specializing in bio-energetic medicines and herbal pharmacology including Chinese Medicine, Homeopathy, Meridian Stress Assessment, Frequency Specific Microcurrrent, Iridology, and Applied Kinesiology.  Promoting healthy alternatives to drugs, Toni Krehel emphasizes the need to maintain healthy immune function in order to create and sustain vitality and good health.  A family practice physician, she specializes in pediatrics and difficult to treat conditions that involve immune function deficiencies.  Toni Krehel empowers parents to be the primary health care provider for their families by giving them knowledge of alternatives to drugs and providing safe and effective tools to maintain wellness.  She is the Florida state affiliate for the National Vaccine Information Center and actively promotes informed consent rights and health care freedom.

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