Ectopic Pregnancy

Definition of Ectopic Pregnancy:

A pregnancy in which the egg becomes fertilized but cannot pass into the uterus to grow.  Instead, the egg usually attaches in the fallopian tube, which connects the ovary to the uterus.  The fertilized egg cannot grow normally in the fallopian tube.  This type of pregnancy is life-threatening to the mother, and almost always fatal to her fetus.  It is the leading cause of pregnancy-related death in African-American women.

Also: Ectopic Pregnancies, Tubal Pregnancies, Tubal Pregnancy

Topics Related to Ectopic Pregnancy

Menorrhagia (Heavy Periods)

...the condition
“...Physical causes include obesity or the presence of fibroids, endometrial hyperplasia, polyps, cancer, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy, and IUD use...”
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More topics Related to Ectopic Pregnancy

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

...the condition
“...Untreated, PID causes scarring and can lead to infertility, tubal pregnancy, chronic pelvic pain, and other serious consequences...”

STD Chlamydia

...the condition
“...and other health problems which include both short- and long-term consequences, including pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which is the critical link to infertility, and potentially fatal tubal pregnancy...”
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More topics Related to Ectopic Pregnancy

STD Gonorrhea

...the condition
“...PID can cause infertility or damage the fallopian tubes (egg canals) enough to increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy...”
...relationship to Female Infertility
“...PID affects more than 1 million women in the United States every year and can cause infertility and tubal pregnancy...”

Ultrasound Imaging a treatment
“...It can also reveal multiple pregnancy (twins or triplets for example), congenital heart disease, the position of the placenta, general health of the fetus, ectopic pregnancy, risk of miscarriage, or fetal death...”
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